Neutron Networking in Xenserver DomU

asked 2015-09-22 05:42:27 -0600

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Can anyone give some hints how to setup Openstack with Xenserver 6.5 as hypervisor (distributed setup). I followed

wiki pages: (

installation guide: (

I have 1 NetworkNode up running. On my Xenserver I've created a PV-VM with nova-compute running. I think this is a good idea for security-reasons and because Xenserver still doesnt support python2.6. Neutron reliable creates a Vxlan-tunnel between NetworkNode<->ComputeNode and setups Dnsmasq and Router in Network-Namespaces on NetworkNode. Nova creates a VM and attaches Network to xenbr1 as configured.

However VMs cant get a IP form DHCP (I cant ping DHCP or Router on NetworkNode). I think this is normal, as traffic goes VM <-> Xenbr1 <-> eth1.

I wonder how the traffic can flow Xenbr1 <-> PV-VM <-> Vxlan-Tunnel? Is there something I misunderstood? Or do I need to set vif to promiscuous mode or anything?



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