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Could not write to /var/log/heat/heat-engine.log, why?

asked 2015-09-21 21:44:29 -0500

zzxwill gravatar image

updated 2015-09-21 21:45:51 -0500

Hi. Suddenly new log could not be written to /var/log/heat/heat-engine.log. 1. I tried restart heat-engine, but it won't work. 2. Deleted /var/log/heat/heat-engine.log and restarted heat-engine, but it won't work either.

Any idea? Thanks.

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answered 2015-09-22 03:21:09 -0500


As you described it was working but all of a sudden not. So probably environment should be the root cause.

Some basic troubleshooting queries

  • Did you check the /var/log/heat folder permissions ? Does it gets modified by any chance recently ?
  • Does other heat service logs like heat-api.log, heat-api-cfn.log works fine ?
  • If its not a production setup, in worst case just configure a different log dir in heat.conf and restart the services.
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