Opensuse Image build using virt-manager ,is not being spawned by openstack

asked 2015-09-21 01:16:59 -0500

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Hi folks , I created an image from Virt-Manager using the iso image of opensuse 12.1 and tried to bring it up on the Openstack system by using the services of the glance , where we converted the disk image (img got from virt-manager) into qcow2 format using the api of glance image create ,we even tried removing the MAC-address and undefined the libvirt domain ,but we were not able to bring the image up . The logs were like : Waiting for device /dev/vda1 to appear: ..[ 25.642178] Restarting system. doing fast boot has anyone encountered the similar issue ? p.s. did grub and fstab changes still no success .

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Copy image to your web server and register from UI...

prapul gravatar imageprapul ( 2015-09-21 08:44:49 -0500 )edit

cloud init package is installed ?

dmistic gravatar imagedmistic ( 2015-10-08 03:43:03 -0500 )edit