Issue with - Multiple proxy servers in geo distributed multi region environment

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Hi, I have setup a two region swift setup. Region -1 has a proxy server and a storage node. Region - 2 too has a proxy server and a storage node.

These two storage nodes from Region 1 and 2 are forming a ring e.g. below is account ring structure. We have also configured a replication network.

Command : swift-ring-builder account.builder

account.builder, build version 2 128 partitions, 2.000000 replicas, 2 regions, 2 zones, 2 devices, 0.00 balance, 0.00 dispersion The minimum number of hours before a partition can be reassigned is 1 The overload factor is 0.00% (0.000000) Devices: id region zone ip address port replication ip replication port name weight partitions balance meta 0 1 1 139.162.XXX.YYY 6002 139.162.XXX.YYY 6002 td1 1.00 128 0.00 1 2 1 23.239.XXX.YYY 6002 23.239.XXX.YYY 6002 td1 1.00 128 0.00

I have configured a read and write affinity in region -1's proxy server - sorting_method = affinity read_affinity = r1=100 write_affinity = r1 and in Region-2's proxy server - sorting_method = affinity read_affinity = r2=100 write_affinity = r2 As long as i have all the services (Storage and Proxy services) in both the setups running, I can run- read / list / stat / upload commands very well against any of the proxy servers. But to test failover scenario - I try shutting down one of the storage services e.g. from Region - 1 , I expect that I should be able to run read/list/stat/upload from Region-2's proxy server. But I am not able to upload - I get some issue while running upload command. What am I doing wrong?

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How long it takes for posts in moderation phase? I really need to hear a solution on this issue.

Trupti Mali gravatar imageTrupti Mali ( 2015-09-21 03:11:35 -0500 )edit