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Do i need to run devstack everytime?

asked 2015-09-19 11:33:28 -0500

baluchen gravatar image


I'm new to the OpenStack and trying to build the environment for testing. I installed DevStack on my Ubuntu VM. I was able to successfully install OpenStack and everything working fine.

My problem is, whenever i reboot the Ubuntu server the horizon dashboard is opening. But some of the functionalists are not working.


  1. When i click Overview below error message appears

Error: Unable to retrieve usage information.

  1. When i click hypervisor below error message appears Error: Unable to retrieve hypervisor information. Error: Unable to get nova services list. Error: Unable to retrieve hypervisor statistics.

Similarly, i'm getting error message from all menus

But, if i rerun the "" everything becomes normal. Is that something the service not running or anything i'm missing?

appreciate your support in this regard

Thanks Baluchen

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answered 2015-11-26 04:11:13 -0500

Halflernation gravatar image

updated 2015-11-26 04:14:42 -0500

@baluchen ,

Before restarting your VM please try and do ./

Depending on your system configuration, your Horizon dashboard is not fully operational because some services might not have been started. The following is valid for Ubuntu 14.04 VM:

If you don't manage to login at all with the error: "Error: An error occurred authenticating. Try again later."

  • You must start Keystone services: $ keystone-all

If you do not get information on resources upon accessing Horizon you should check that Nova, Glance, Cinder are active:

  • E.g. start Glance (you may need sudo privileges): $ glance-control all start

If Horizon is not accessible at all:

  • Check Apache2 service and start it if not running (you may need sudo privileges): $ service apache2 start Check Django server is running (locate Horizon code, usually at: /opt/stack/horizon): $ python ./ runserver

Finish with ./ on devstack directory.

This should do the trick. Please give it a try and let know of further barriers. It's unusual to have services like RabbitMQ not starting but any google search should be enough to find the remaining sweet spots.


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