how to add network parally heat orchestration Ice-House

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Hi All, I am writing a heat orchestration script to deploy automated multiple server with multiple NIC serially. like 1st NIC should go to eth0 of all server 2nd shoud go to eth1 and so on. Can any one help me on how to do it. here is my script.

heat_template_version: 2013-05-23

description: # a description of the template

parameters: # declaration of input parameters key_name: type: string default: CK-Key

flavor: type: string description: Flavor name into which servers get deployed.

image: type: string description: Image name into which servers get deployed. default: Nimbus_Centos6_image

net_id1: type: string default: CK-Mgmt-Net

net_id2: type: string default: CK-Backup-Net

net_id3: type: string default: CK-Monitor-Net

net_id4: type: string default: CK-Data-Net

cluster_size: type: number label: Cluster size description: Number of instances in cluster.

resources: my_indexed_group: type: OS::Heat::ResourceGroup properties: count: { get_param: cluster_size } resource_def: type: OS::Nova::Server properties: name: Nimbus-server_%index% image: { get_param: image } key_name: { get_param: key_name } flavor: { get_param: flavor } networks: - network: { get_param: net_id1 } - network: { get_param: net_id2 } - network: { get_param: net_id3 } - network: { get_param: net_id4 }

Regards, Pritam

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