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nova-api-metadata conflict

asked 2015-09-18 15:15:15 -0500

Bilel gravatar image

updated 2015-09-18 15:17:59 -0500

nova-api-metadata conflicts with nova-api

when apt-get install one of them , it uninstall the other. if I download and install, I get the conflict error above

dpkg --install nova-api_1%3a2015.1.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb

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answered 2015-09-19 06:03:03 -0500

can you please check nova.conf and remove the enabled metadata from enabled apis and then should be able to run it.

stack@ubuntu:/etc/nova$ cat nova.conf | grep -i apis enabled_apis = ec2,osapi_compute,metadata

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answered 2015-09-20 13:36:18 -0500

Bilel gravatar image

it is already changed but no luck.

root@ubuntuServer:~# grep -i enabled_apis /etc/nova/nova.conf
root@ubuntuServer:~# apt-get install nova-api-metadata
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
The following packages will be REMOVED:
The following NEW packages will be installed:
0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 0 B/6,906 B of archives.
After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] n
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answered 2015-09-23 00:58:27 -0500

soumitrakarmakar gravatar image

I guess this gives a bit of insight to your problem.

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