Multiple compute-hosts having access to the same hypervisor hosts

asked 2015-09-17 13:55:42 -0600

steven.poitras gravatar image

We currently have a scenario where we have multiple compute hosts running the nova-compute service that have access to the same Hypervisor hosts.

Today we've seen that the instance(s) are bound to the compute-host and not directly to the hypervisor host, eventhough both compute-hosts have access to the exact same hypervisor host.

Is there any way to get around this issue and let the platform know that both compute-hosts have access to the same hypervisor hosts? And have the mapping bound to the hypervisor host and not the compute host when it can be accessed via either?

The issue we have today is if we bring down a compute host, the system only knows how to find the instance via that host which is now gone, even though the instance continues to operate as expected on the back-end (and the other compute-host can see it just fine).

One thing we've done today is to update the instances table in the nova database to modify the instance's host to the other working compute host. That works, but ideally we'd like to solve in a more elegant manner.


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