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Metadata via the Quantum router : Can't get metadata 403 Forbiden

asked 2013-12-05 11:40:45 -0500

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updated 2013-12-05 13:25:57 -0500

darragh-oreilly gravatar image

Hi, I have an openstack grizzly 2013 platform on CentOS 6.4 with : multi vlan with overlapping_ips and namespace support. 1 controller node (running : nova-api, nova-cert, nova-console, nova-conductor, nova-consoleauth, nova-novncproxy, nova-scheduler) 1 network node (running : quantum-linuxbridge, quantum-dhcp-agent, quantum-l3_agent, quantum-metadata-agent) 2 compute nodes (running : libvirtd, nova-compute, nova-novncproxy, quantum-metadata-agent, quantum-linuxbridge)

Everything works well. But my instances can't get metadata

From my instance:

# curl -I
HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Content-Length: 0
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2013 17:22:50 GMT

From network node :

tail -f /var/log/quantum/quantum-ns-metadata-proxyaf476d84-2f59-45e4-baee-5526616eb639.log <==
2013-12-05 18:22:50    DEBUG [quantum.agent.metadata.namespace_proxy] Request: HEAD /2009-04-04/meta-data/instance-id HTTP/1.0
Accept: */*
Content-Type: text/plain
User-Agent: curl/7.19.7 (x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.19.7 NSS/ zlib/1.2.3 libidn/1.18 libssh2/1.4.2
2013-12-05 18:22:50    ERROR [quantum.agent.metadata.namespace_proxy] Unexpected error.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/quantum/agent/metadata/", line 81, in __call__
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/quantum/agent/metadata/", line 129, in _proxy_request
    raise Exception(_('Unexpected response code: %s') % resp.status)
Exception: Unexpected response code: 403

From controller node :

# tail -f /var/log/nova/api.log 
2013-12-05 18:22:50.224 24640 WARNING nova.api.metadata.handler [-] X-Instance-ID-Signature: 12abe6db365db3bdbf0f0865407d2822cba9fca3ed8d23f3050d732d60594735 does not match the expected value: e3ab6fd79552113a89d180935109b38b6c744aec400cb9d13cf51cafa360766
2013-12-05 18:22:50.224 24640 INFO nova.api.ec2 [-] 0.647s HEAD /2009-04-04/meta-data/instance-id None:None 403 [Python-httplib2/0.7.7 (gzip)] text/plain text/html
2013-12-05 18:22:50.225 24640 INFO nova.metadata.wsgi.server [-], "HEAD /2009-04-04/meta-data/instance-id HTTP/1.1" status: 403 len: 122 time: 0.0012341

Looks like metadata receives the request but cannot authenticate because of the X-Instance-ID-Signature mismatch.

Don't know where that X-Instance-ID comes from and how to solve that issue ? Any help would be appreciated.


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Does metadata_proxy_shared_secret in metadata_agent.ini match quantum_metadata_proxy_shared_secret in nova.conf?

darragh-oreilly gravatar imagedarragh-oreilly ( 2013-12-05 13:29:22 -0500 )edit

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answered 2013-12-06 04:27:12 -0500

sdo gravatar image


Yes already checked that quantum_metadata_proxy_shared_secret is the same on nova.conf and metadata_agent.ini...

But I have some more news... From the following error I tried to reproduce the X-Instance-ID-Signature

/var/log/nova/api.log (on controller node) 2013-12-04 16:44:49.110 25890 WARNING nova.api.metadata.handler [-] X-Instance-ID-Signature: c5d87439bb2c0cf2d6ccf910b2b5355d2798681e7de3d4c90e201ed3e2094244 does not match the expected value: c1e1eb6703a58b5c6e7a6beb7d7da313be57b8296d140e8c7c3339a57886662 2 for id: a4d6af1a-a316-487b-a28d-e5a9b10d7c76. Request From:

Lets check into the nova DB what is this instance ID:

mysql> select uuid, host, deleted, deleted_at from instances where uuid='a4d6af1a-a316-487b-a28d-e5a9b10d7c76';              
| uuid                                 | host                 | deleted | deleted_at          |
| a4d6af1a-a316-487b-a28d-e5a9b10d7c76 | comp-02 |     130 | 2013-12-05 09:30:01 |

Looks like that instance was deleted. Here are running instance in my platform :

mysql> select uuid, host, deleted, deleted_at from instances where deleted = 0 ; 
| uuid                                 | host                 | deleted | deleted_at |
| b04eb38f-4131-4798-a01e-3184f4f37332 | comp-01 |       0 | NULL       |
| a56eae7e-6fe7-4e1f-a8b5-72a77937dd04 | comp-02 |       0 | NULL       |

Looks like that when I'm making a metadata request from one of the instances above the ID sent is not the right one.

How can it be ? Any idea.

Next step: removing all my instances. cleaning nova, quantum and cinder Databases and restart the process again. And let's see if that will solve the issue. ....

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It looks like the metadata-agent looked up the wrong instance ID in Quantum. Is there anything in the metadata-agent.log? Maybe Quantum has some stale ports from old deleted instances. But new ones should not be created with a used IP. Run quantum port-list for that network.

darragh-oreilly gravatar imagedarragh-oreilly ( 2013-12-06 06:00:53 -0500 )edit

I found that while my VM tries to access metadata, the calculated X-Instance-ID-signature inside the request (quantum/agent/metadata/ from my network node is different with that one calculated by the controller node (nova/api/metadata/ even if the quantum_metadata_proxy_shared_secret and the instance-id is the same on both side. Looks like the following piece of code inside nova/api/metadata/ and nova/api/metadata/ does not give the same result., instance_id, hashlib.sha256).hexdigest() But when a make a file with the code above and run it on controller and on network node I have the same result. Looks like that when it's called by quantum-ns-metadata-proxy it does not give the same result. To figure it out I've commented following the check of X-Instance-ID-siganture inside nova/api/metadata/ and magically my VM can ...(more)

sdo gravatar imagesdo ( 2013-12-10 14:03:47 -0500 )edit

answered 2014-03-08 05:35:40 -0500

fbwfbi gravatar image

Hi, I met the same issue with your in the OpenStack Havana. However , I nailed it finally ......But , I want to confirm that ..........Do you really set that metadata_proxy_shared_secret in metadata_agent.ini match neutron_metadata_proxy_shared_secret(havana) in nova.conf ?

NOTE: Nova uses a different key: "neutron_metadata_proxy_shared_secret"(havana), instead of the key: "metadata_proxy_shared_secret" by the metadata_agent.ini in Neutron !

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