vnc console access failing on specific pcs on external network with error message failed to connect to server [code:1006]

asked 2015-09-15 00:09:46 -0600

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we have install openstack juno three node architecture following the official installation guide. The operation is successful and we can access instances through vnc console either from horizon or using the url returned by nova-get-vnc-console. This is an indication that our installation is functioning well.

However, we can't access the vnc console from some pcs within the same network. the vnc console displays the message failed to get vnc [code:1006] or sometimes it displays failed to connect to server (code:1006). We can successfully access horizon from these machines. After a failed access on one of the pcs, we inspected the nova-novncproxy.log and found the following exception message. We don't understand the meaning of this statement.

INFO nova.console.websocketproxy [req-e9784a74-e12b-4ec4-904f-01044277b510 None] handler exception: [Errno 32] Broken pipe

we also noticed the following line in the nova-novncproxy.log file

INFO nova.console.websocketproxy [-] ignoring empty handshake

The mystery about this problem is that it is specific to some pcs in our network. it is not a general problem. so far, our of about 20 pcs, we successfully get the vnc console on 17 pcs and this error is observed only on 3 pcs.

Please we are new to openstack and we don't even know where to start troubleshooting the problem. If any further information is required, we will always provide. thanks

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answered 2018-06-14 13:24:35 -0600

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We are seeing the same issue on our OSP 10 install. Seemingly random desktops will start getting this error when trying to use the vnc console. We found today that if we bounce the openstack-nova-novncproxy service then the users start working again.

systemctl restart openstack-nova-novncproxy
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