Openstack Interface for Clients in kilo

asked 2015-09-14 13:30:28 -0500

Ann gravatar image

Hi! I am a beginner and using kilo release. I used devstack to install openstack. My question is a bit tricky. I installed the openstack services on my PC. Now, It has all the openstack basic services for testing purposes. Can we say that my PC is a cloud now? If yes, then the second question rises that, suppose I am the administrator of that cloud (on my PC, though It has less memory but just for clearing basic concepts) and want my users to give an interface to order for VMs etc, so how I am supposed to provide them the platform to use my services. Will I have to create my own interface or Openstack already has something for this purpose.

Waiting for immediate reply, any help will be highly appreciated.


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