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How to assign floating IP pool to specific tenant?

asked 2015-09-11 03:11:32 -0600

ivokovac gravatar image

Hello there,

In OpenStack (regardless of particular release/version), can you assign a specific floating IP pool to specific tenants? i.e. Pool 1 gets used by Tenant 1 and Pool 2 gets used by Tenant 2?

I need a way to distinguish clients from on a network layer.

Regards, i.

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answered 2015-09-14 04:30:41 -0600 gravatar image


  1. Login/Supply your tenant credentials . export OS_USERNAME=** export OS_PASSWORD=** export OS_TENANT_NAME=** export OS_AUTH_URL=*
  2. create floating IP - neutron floatingip-create network_id

you can also try neutron floatingip-create --tenant-id network name

regards Ritesh Singh

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