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How to gracefully terminate instance in Openstack?

asked 2015-09-10 02:27:38 -0500

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Hi Experts,

Is it possible to gracefully terminate instances in Openstack(Juno)? I need the instance to gracefully shutdown in OS (to run some shutdown scripts) before being finally deleted. Currently the behavior is that the instance being abruptly deleted. Or are there ways to workaround this?

Please advise!

Regards, Boon Lee

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answered 2015-09-10 10:19:39 -0500

I'll agree with Eduardo Gonzalez. On a host that has the openstack command line utilitities communicating with your openstack for a Linux instance

echo sudo shutdown now |ssh -i yourkey.pem cloud-user@yourinstance
sleep 60
nova delete  yourinstance
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answered 2015-09-10 02:45:35 -0500

You can make a poweroff inside the vm and then terminate the instance.

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answered 2015-09-11 01:19:46 -0500 gravatar image

updated 2015-09-11 11:21:30 -0500

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excellent. Now we need access to a fact that tells us that the instance actually gets terminated. Maybe provided as metadata?

hanno gravatar imagehanno ( 2015-09-16 13:56:23 -0500 )edit

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