I cannot figure out why vnc console works on some PCs but not on others within the same network in Openstack Juno installation

asked 2015-09-09 05:14:58 -0600

GreenBrane gravatar image

We have installed OpenStack juno three node architecture following the OpenStack installation guide. The installation is ok and is working very well with the test cirros as well as with a Windows 7 image we created.

However, the vnc console is not accessible from all physical machines in our network. The vnc console seems to be selective on which machine it runs.

The dashboard is accessible on all machines and we can see the Windows 7 instance status as running from these machines.

Trying to access the vnc console from either the dashboard or using the url returned by the nova get-vnc-console command does not work on some PCs. it returns the following error message [Failed to connect to vnc (code: 1006)]. However, on other machines running the same operating system (windows 7) the vnc works very well and we can access our instance.

We first noticed this exception while trying to access vnc on a windows 8.1 pc. we thought it was related to windows 8.1 but while testing on other windows 7 pcs, we obtain the same exception on some pcs.

Please we don't know whereto start finding a solution as this is not a general exception to all pcs in the network but a selective one. Thanks

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