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Openstack VMware ESXi Intergration

asked 2015-09-08 10:18:03 -0500

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updated 2015-09-08 11:50:17 -0500

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Hello, Please I followed your site for add my vmware hypervisor in OpenStack, and I create a compute node for it, and the nova.conf configuration file here is the configuration:

host_ip = ***.***.***.***
host_username = *****@vsphere.local
host_password = ***********
cluster_name = *****
datastore_regex = "Openstack.*"
api_retry_count = 10

but I run the command service nova-compute restart, it gives me " stop: Unknown instance: ", and the nova-compute.log file I have the following error :

ERROR oslo.vmware.common.loopingcall [-] in dynamic looping call
ERROR suds.resolver [-] (ns0:RetrieveOptions) not-found
ERROR suds.resolver [-] path: "ns0:RetrieveOptions", not-found
ERROR oslo.vmware.api [-] Exception which is not in the suggested list of exceptions occurred while invoking _invoke_api.

Please is there is a solution.

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answered 2015-09-09 02:45:58 -0500

updated 2015-09-09 02:46:46 -0500

Not sure this might be helpful to debug your issue whereas just wanted to share this blog - ( in which Openstack integration with multi hypervisor ( KVM & VCenter ) is explained.

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