ip netns shows only qdhcp and ovs-vsctl shows dead tag 4095 [closed]

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Hello Openstack,

I am working on 3-node cloud. Uptil now, my network is running on all 3 nodes but I am facing following issues:

1.ip netns shows only dhcp namespace and not router namespace

[root@newnetwork ~]# ip netns


2.ip netns shows sometimes only dhcp namespace and sometimes only router namespace and sometimes nothing. Is this normal behaviour of openstack ?

3.ovs-vsctl show dead tag 4095 even after deleting and creating the network many times.

4.VM shows ip in ifconfig sometimes automatically but otherwise do not. I am unable to ping/ssh instances.

Please give a suggestion regarding this as I am not getting the unstable behaviour of openstack and also tell where am I lacking ??

Waiting for the response.

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