ip netns shows only qdhcp and ovs-vsctl shows dead tag 4095

asked 2015-09-08 02:06:23 -0500

Hello Openstack,

I am working on 3-node cloud. Uptil now, my network is running on all 3 nodes but I am facing following issues:

  1. ip netns shows only one dhcp namespace (inspite of having 2 networks :external and internal).

    [root@newnetwork ~]# ip netns
  2. ip netns shows sometimes only dhcp namespace and sometimes router namespace and sometimes nothing. Is this normal behaviour of openstack ?

  3. ovs-vsctl show dead tag 4095 even after deleting and creating the network many times.

    [root@newnetwork ~]# ovs-vsctl show 821c052b-827b-41db-9412-cfa33407d615 Bridge br-tun Port br-tun Interface br-tun type: internal Port "gre-0a000105" Interface "gre-0a000105" type: gre options: {in_key=flow, local_ip="", out_key=flow, remote_ip=""} Port patch-int Interface patch-int type: patch options: {peer=patch-tun} Bridge br-ex Port "eth3" Interface "eth3" Port phy-br-ex Interface phy-br-ex Port br-ex Interface br-ex type: internal Bridge br-int fail_mode: secure Port patch-tun Interface patch-tun type: patch options: {peer=patch-int} Port int-br-ex Interface int-br-ex Port br-int Interface br-int type: internal Port "tapd96567d3-b1" tag: 4095 Interface "tapd96567d3-b1" type: internal ovs_version: "2.1.3"

Please give a suggestion regarding this and also tell where am I lacking ?? As namespaces are not created, the instances also don't show ip in ifconfig and it is unable to ping/ssh VMs.

Waiting for the response.

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