devstack - ERROR: openstack image

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Hello Team,

I am trying to run devstack (taken from git yesterday), i guess i have solved most of the issues but still having error when running ./

++ openstack --os-token 9c374de69899415680e66ba9be6c5160 --os-url image create cirros-0.3.4-x86_64-uec-kernel --public --container-format aki --disk-format aki
ERROR: openstack image
+ kernel_id=
+ '[' -n /tmp/devstack/files/images/cirros-0.3.4-x86_64-uec/cirros-0.3.4-x86_64-initrd ']'
++ get_field 2
++ local data field
++ read data
++ grep ' id '
++ openstack --os-token 9c374de69899415680e66ba9be6c5160 --os-url image create cirros-0.3.4-x86_64-uec-ramdisk --public --container-format ari --disk-format ari
ERROR: openstack image
+ ramdisk_id=
+ openstack --os-token 9c374de69899415680e66ba9be6c5160 --os-url image create cirros-0.3.4-x86_64-uec --public --container-format ami --disk-format ami
ERROR: openstack image

When i try to run manually i got the same error ( ERROR: openstack image) I can access "" via web browser.

I am not sure if that is related but found the following messages also:

2015-09-05 19:58:56.383108 2352 INFO keystone.common.wsgi [-] POST
2015-09-05 19:58:56.796882 2353 INFO keystone.middleware.core [-] Cannot find client issuer in env by the issuer attribute - SSL_CLIENT_I_DN.
2015-09-05 19:58:56.797112 2353 DEBUG keystone.middleware.core [-] There is either no auth token in the request or the certificate issuer is not trusted. No auth context will be set. process_request /opt/stack/keystone/keystone/middleware/

What is the problem ? How to troubleshoot it ?

Thanks, Michal

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