VM connectivity issue between SRIOV ports & virtio ports in Kilo with 82599

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Hi All,

I have a Openstack Kilo setup for a customer with SRIOV. There are 2 VMs on a compute node. There are 3 flat networks( flat-sriov-net1 / 60.0.1.x , flat-sriov-net2/60.0.2.x & flat-net/192.168.100.x) defined for this cluster.

The first VM has 3 virtio ports, each from the 3 networks. The second VM(VM_2virtio_1VF) has 1 SRIOV ports(Niantic 10G port) defined on the flat-sriov-net2 and a two normal virtio ports defined on the flat-net & flat-sriov-net1.

I am unable to ping SRIOV port from virtio ports (and vice versa) for the interfaces which are on same flat network (with same subnet). Here is the details of the VM and ports-

VM_2virtio_1VF (1 VF , 2 virtio ports) details -

a) SRIOV Port – mac - fa:16:3e:1b:21:56 , IP -

b) Virtio Ports - mac – fa:16:3e:dc:7f:e3 , IP –

c) Virtio Ports - mac - fa:16:3e:50:52:93 , IP –

VM (3 virtio ports) details –

d) Virtio Ports - mac - fa:16:3e:f0:1c:c4 , IP –

e) Virtio Ports - mac - fa:16:3e:90:7e:5c , IP –

f) Virtio Ports - mac - fa:16:3e:4b:dc:7b , IP –

Communication between a & d is not working (i.e between SRIOV & virtio port).

Communication between b & e and c & f is working (i.e virtio to virtio ).

Please help to find out the cause.

Regards, Vikrant

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Hi Vikrant, 1. have you tried the tcpdump and check the ICMP requesting reaching.

kumar lakshman kumar gravatar imagekumar lakshman kumar ( 2015-09-02 03:54:45 -0500 )edit