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All-In-One Single VM?

asked 2015-09-01 02:31:21 -0600

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updated 2015-09-07 12:01:06 -0600

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I don't quite understand what the following wiki page means: link text

Is it an instruction for installing the devstack in a public cloud environment such as AWS?


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answered 2015-09-07 12:03:05 -0600

SGPJ gravatar image

You can create openstack latest version cloud using openstack itself (cloud-init). Once you have manually created a openstack setup, using that you can create latest release setup.

Use the cloud to build the cloud! Use your cloud to launch new versions of OpenStack in about 5 minutes. If you break it, start over! The VMs launched in the cloud will be slow as they are running in QEMU (emulation), but their primary use is testing OpenStack development and operation.

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