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I'm a modder for the game "Besiege" and I'm trying to make a Multiplayer with Unity 5. In Unity 5, they've completely removed the class "Masterserver" (basically a Server where the game servers can register themselves and clients can request a list of servers). So I've written one in Python and need a place where I can run my script permanently. I've found a website named "", which offers completely free cloud and hosting solutions. So I've set up a W7 vm and installed Python.

However, when I tested it, I was unable to connect to my vm. I've read a bit around and finally found the software is using to host its virtual networks: OpenStack. So I've searched a bit around with that and found out that I need to set a Security Rule in order to be able to connect to that vm. I'm able to do this in Yellowcircle, so I did it. However, I still could not connect. So I tested it with the vm. It could ping everyone, except ips, so I guess there is some issue with ip-to-ip communication/a rule set which prevents that. (Sidenote: I've assigned a floating-ip to the vm as well)

Furthermore, I've found "Neutron", which is, from what I've seen, used to connect to vms. I can't find an option of whether to enable/install it or not, and next to my vm it says that it's available in "nova".

I'm a total noob when it comes to vms and stuff like direct ip connections, so could anybody help me? Maybe someone has used as well?

Thanks in advance!

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