fully qualified domain name (fqdn)

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In the quick start guide(http://openstack.redhat.com/Quickstart)
This line: Please name the host with a fully qualified domain name rather than a short-form name to avoid DNS issues with Packstack.
I am not sure what to enter for host name.
I have googled fqdn but results such as my.bob.com and I do not know what to use.
I want to set up a vm on my pc with centos/openstack for testing purposes(for my thesis).

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answered 2013-12-04 04:08:14 -0600

Hi sib,

An FQDN is one which has a host name and a domain name. I just make one up for my private networks - usually by using a TLD which I know is not used publicly - I use .home - so my hosts are control.rdo.home, compute1.rdo.home, compute2.rdo.home


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answered 2013-12-04 06:42:22 -0600

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hi sib

its what your browser uses to go to a site eg. www.google.com . what you dont see is your browser checking with the dns system what the ip of www.google.com actually is.

so in your local network setup for whatever domain you decided to use (avoid .com .org .net etc or those of countries like .co .eg) like .home you will need a name resolution system like a dns or a hosts file.

if your setup is small, the hosts file is sufficient for you. add the ip and name to /etc/hosts on your machine with the browser.

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