instance cant boot from local disk after installing ISO

asked 2015-08-26 04:16:37 -0600

Kevin Ching gravatar image

updated 2015-08-26 04:19:29 -0600

Hey guys,

The instance can not boot from local disk after installing system with ISO. It says, 'No bootable device'. Sorry,I can not upload the screen shot.

1st, I created new flavor in order to create instance with ISO.

[root@icehouse ~(keystone_admin)]# nova flavor-show qinjian
| Property                   | Value                                |
| OS-FLV-DISABLED:disabled   | False                                |
| OS-FLV-EXT-DATA:ephemeral  | 5                                    |
| disk                       | 5                                    |
| extra_specs                | {}                                   |
| id                         | 76d88dc8-391e-4267-b52c-f8bb8ff5a330 |
| name                       | qinjian                              |
| os-flavor-access:is_public | True                                 |
| ram                        | 2048                                 |
| rxtx_factor                | 1.0                                  |
| swap                       | 2048                                 |
| vcpus                      | 1                                    |

2nd, install system step by step with the ISO.

3rd, reboot after all done. Then it return to the installation page again!

I don't know why! I just want to create instance by ISO and start up it normally.

Does anyone know how to start up system normally ?

My openstack version: icehouse My private mail:

Thanks in advance.

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You have to use qcow2 or cloudinit to create cloud image. Then you have to upload that image to glance with proper Hypervisory supported parameter. Using ISO you can not provision instance..

Pradipta_OS_M gravatar imagePradipta_OS_M ( 2015-08-31 01:30:47 -0600 )edit

It seems that openstack supports iso image to create instances. But my environment has some problem and it can not achieve that.

Kevin Ching gravatar imageKevin Ching ( 2015-09-01 02:27:57 -0600 )edit

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answered 2015-08-30 06:08:21 -0600

Mohit gravatar image

You cannot use any iso image directly untill the image supports virtio driver for lan and hdd , You need to create a qcow2 image via virtual machine manager and specify the virtio driver/device for lan and hdd hardware , once these drivers are imported by vm , you can import the qcow2 image in openstack as a image to be spanned as instance.

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Could you please tell me how to make linux iso image to support virtio driver? I know the windows iso images need virtio dirver. However, I used linux iso images. Thanks a lot.

Kevin Ching gravatar imageKevin Ching ( 2015-09-01 02:23:44 -0600 )edit

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