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horizon prevents login if default project id is set

asked 2015-08-25 10:51:51 -0500

o13g gravatar image

Hi all!

I've got a fresh installation of OpenStack Kilo and for some reason user cannot login if his Default Project ID is set. By cannot login I mean that after pressing the login button, the login page just refreshes, without any warning messages. Logs have absolutely no errors, the only message is horizon's:

[horizon: 2555] INFO: Login successful for user "admin". [ openstack_auth.forms ]

If I clear the default project id, the user can login. I've tried different users, different projects, creating new projects, but the behaviour does not change.

P.S.: Users have role assignments into those projects that are set as default

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answered 2015-08-26 04:59:33 -0500

o13g gravatar image

I switched to UUID tokens and it fixed the problem. WIll need to update the django-openstack-auth


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