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cloud-init cannot find OpenStack datasource

asked 2015-08-24 22:02:20 -0500

Lily Xing gravatar image

I use an image with cloud-init package installed. If I enable ConfigDrive or Ec2, the VM launched from it can read data from metadata service. But if I only enable OpenStack datasource, it reports " No instance datasource found! ". But curl command indicates that guest VM can access it:

# curl
{"random_seed": "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", "uuid": "3f46f567-91c4-4ac5-a79b-763d06642070", "availability_zone": "nova", "hostname": "test.novalocal", "launch_index": 0, "meta": {"admin_pass": "root"}, "name": "test"}

Here is the cloud-init.log file:

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answered 2015-09-09 02:33:04 -0500

Lily Xing gravatar image

Here is an answer from cloudbase:

Clear text passwords are bad for security. Nova does not pass them in the http metadata, only in configdrive as you already noticed.

The reason why this works on KVM, is that KVM injects the password in the guest file system before booting it. One of the reasons why we don't support that on Hyper-V is that the hosts wouldn't know how to deal with Linux filesystems.

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