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Horizon Pre-reqs guidance

asked 2015-08-24 04:16:46 -0500

BlackSpy21 gravatar image

updated 2015-08-24 05:05:36 -0500

Hi there

I'm running the OpenStack install guide for Juno and am going through the pre-reqs section for the Horizon install, but there is no guidance on how to verify or perform those actions. While I'm quite comfortable ensuring Python and Django are installed, how would I "Enable the identity Service for user and project management" or create the "Identity Service use with sudo provileges"?

Its just assumed we know how to do this and no guidance is included.

Can anyone help on these 2 items?

Thanks in advance

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answered 2015-08-24 11:00:10 -0500

smaffulli gravatar image

you need to configure the identity services (Keystone) before jumping to Horizon. If you've followed the install guide in the order it's provided, you should have no issues. If there are issues, you probably found a bug in the documentation :) Edit the question with the issues you find (and debugging information).

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