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Hi, I have an Openstack Kilo install with DVR but I now want to scale my Controller/Service node.

I'm working through configuring an active/active HA install.

I have a few HAProxy nodes, two Controllers to start with, and I have installed mysql with galera, rabbitmq cluster, and have keystone setup.

My question is with regard to Glance. With two nodes running Glance, they need to use shared storage. I don't want to install Swift just yet, and i'm just wondering if it is possible to just create a shared repository and use that rather than having to install Swift?

thanks in advance.


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Great, thanks for that - i'll give that a go in the morning!

paullaurence gravatar imagepaullaurence ( 2015-08-20 16:32:49 -0600 )edit

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answered 2015-08-20 16:20:45 -0600

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Yes, you can use an external storage or a shared storage as a NFS.

Available options are file, swift, s3, rbd, sheepdog, cinder or vsphere.

You have to configure the store backends for glance:

Then configure the backend you want to use, for example with ceph:


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