How to configure multiple network types for inter-VM communication?

asked 2015-08-20 01:16:18 -0500

SudhirH gravatar image

Hello all,

I have a 4-node openstack kilo setup (1-Controller, 1-Networ, 2-Compute/Cinder nodes). The stack is up and running and using GRE tunnels for inter-VM communication presently using a separate NIC interface.

Now, I have added 2 additional NIC's to the compute nodes. I want to create private network between the VM's for the purpose of clustering an application inside the VM instances. The VM's should use these NIC for cluster heartbeats and communication. Whereas the existing interface should be used for connecting to the external network.

Let me know if any additional information regarding the setup is required.

TIA, Sudhir

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