Cannot get instance console - Openstack in public cloud

asked 2015-08-15 21:23:16 -0600

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I have installed Openstack [juno , kilo versions] on public cloud - like HP, Google, AWS - for experimenting.

The instance [let me call this my "openstack aio server"] I buy from any of these cloud providers - would have a private IP [what we see via ifconfig] and a public IP - which I can access over Internet. Once I install openstack on this "openstack aio server" I can access the dashboard of this openstack installation from home via public IP.

I created a cirros instance in my openstack aio server, however I cannot get console of this instance.

So as a trial - I bought one more instance in the public cloud which was a Ubuntu desktop and had connectivity to my openstack aio server via its private IP [as both these instances I bought were in the same Network/VPC subnet].

I logged onto this Ubuntu desktop and from there I connected to the Openstack dashboard of my aio server and interestingly I could get the console of the instance in my aio server.

Could anyone help me to understand why is that so? and how to get the console when accessing dashboard directly over the public IP of my aio server instance in public cloud?


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