New swift node not being utilized

asked 2015-08-14 20:06:01 -0600

dbarman gravatar image

I have a very small Swift implementation. I had started it with only one swift node with two disks. Everything is working fine. However, I noticed both the disks are almost full. Therefore, I added another swift node with two more disks. I added the two disks of the second node to the rings and distributed the new ring files to both of the storage nodes. All drives are set to a weight of 100. I expected a "bunch" of the data storage on the first node to AUTOMATICALLY move to the second node so that both had an ample amount of free space. After 12 hours I can't see any progress. The first node is still very full and the second node's drives stay at 1% of used space. What am I missing? How do I get the second node working as it should?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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