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Cannot Ping/connect to floating ip from public network.

asked 2015-08-13 05:51:21 -0500

senyapsudah gravatar image

i have some problem. looking for advise.

i'm currently having multinode setup. Due to limited hardware, i have setup network node using virtual server on proxmox as currently i also have proxmox running.

so i have launch an instance and assign a floating ip to it. However, when i try pinging it, no reply coming from the server. i check ip netns exec qrouter ip a. i can see the ip floating ip address is inside and also ip netns exec qrouter iptables -t nat -S i can see the nating configuration is there. i have also login to the instance i have launch and try to ping to outside and it is failed. i try to ping to the instance default gateway and public ip that is configured for the neutron router and it is working. same goes to the floating ip. but it is not working from outside.

Please advise, what is the best way to troubleshoot this.


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answered 2015-08-13 18:38:34 -0500

senyapsudah gravatar image

Ok guys. no worry.. it is my fault actually, after few time checking on the problem. found out that the bridge created for br-ex does not bind to the correct ports. :) so the issue resolved.

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I'm unable to ping the floating ip of a vm from the control node. Any idea where should I look into ?

tkekan gravatar imagetkekan ( 2015-08-19 20:43:49 -0500 )edit

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