Is there any patch for evacuate to make the param [target host] optional in icehouse?

asked 2015-08-11 03:04:35 -0600

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updated 2015-08-11 06:32:07 -0600

We want to achieve the vm-ha goal in icehouse, after researched, we found that the function EVACUATE can do some favor for us. But the target_host is not optional in icehouse, firstly we should find a suitable host, it is hard for us to do that.

I just want to know is there any patch for evacuate in icehouse, that could make the parameter target_host optional. Then if the host fail down, we could migrate the VMs to a healthy one immediately.

Thanks a lot.

nova help  host-evacuate              
usage: nova host-evacuate [--target_host <target_host>] [--on-shared-storage]
Evacuate all instances from failed host to specified one.
Positional arguments:
  <host>                Name of host.
Optional arguments:
  --target_host <target_host>
                        Name of target host.
  --on-shared-storage   Specifies whether all instances files are on shared
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