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Ceilometer "The service catalog is empty"

asked 2015-08-10 09:00:51 -0600

venkatav gravatar image

updated 2015-08-13 06:00:49 -0600

Hi, we have installed 3 Nodes Architecture with openstack Kilo Manual. We verified successfully the complete installation steps which already given in the document.

But after installing Ceilometer, as per the document we need to verify the Ceilometer meter list. But in our case it's showing "The service catalog is empty." Could you help us in resolving this issue. The original verification log is below as per the document.

$ ceilometer meter-list
| Name | Type | Unit | Resource ID | User ID | Project ID |
| image | gauge | image | acafc7c0-40aa-4026-9673-b879898e1fc2 | None | cf12a15c5ea84b019aec3dc45580896b |
| image.size | gauge | B | acafc7c0-40aa-4026-9673-b879898e1fc2 | None | cf12a15c5ea84b019aec3dc45580896b |
| image.update | delta | image | acafc7c0-40aa-4026-9673-b879898e1fc2 | None | cf12a15c5ea84b019aec3dc45580896b |

**Please note that we have installed all the components except Object Storage and Block Storage. Can this be a constraint ? (I mean not installing object storage and block storage)

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check if you are using auth v3. if yes, you might need to upgrade your python-ceilometerclient. happened to me before, after upgrade ceilometer client, i manage to get the list.

senyapsudah gravatar imagesenyapsudah ( 2015-08-16 19:42:45 -0600 )edit

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answered 2015-08-19 04:35:14 -0600

Cheng Liu gravatar image

updated 2015-08-19 07:43:48 -0600

Create a for ceilometer authentication:

export OS_PROJECT_NAME=admin
export OS_TENANT_NAME=admin
export OS_USERNAME=admin
export OS_AUTH_URL=http://controller:35357/v2.0

Also, upgrading ceilometer may lead to some unexpected errors such as authentication. Just stay on the older version when it's still fine.

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Worked for me, thanks.

rozie gravatar imagerozie ( 2015-09-03 06:47:44 -0600 )edit

answered 2015-08-17 23:26:52 -0600

venkatav gravatar image

updated 2015-08-18 23:56:43 -0600

@busyboy, Thanks for your warning . So did you try any other method. We haven't upgraded the client yet.

Also could you please let us know what is the issue or worst scenario you faced after upgrading ceilometer using pip

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answered 2015-08-18 07:59:46 -0600

busyboy gravatar image

dont do that....this will destroy all other apps to stop responding .. I have had the same issue and upgrading the ceilometerclient using pip does even worst.

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