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Heat resource 'Updates cause replacement' question

asked 2015-08-06 18:15:19 -0500

Sihan gravatar image

In the document

Every property has either 'Updates cause replacement' or 'Can be updated without replacement.'

I am confused what the replacement mean? Does it mean that I need to redeploy the stack if I want to change the property value?



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answered 2015-08-17 18:46:28 -0500

asalkeld gravatar image

Let's use this silly example:

    type: foo
      x: 1
      y: 2
    type: foo

For the example x is updateReplace and y is updatable.

  1. I change property x from "1" to "4" and stack-update, result: only resource A is deleted then re-created
  2. I change property y from "2" to "3" and stack-update, result: only resource B is updated

Note: these field settings come from the underlying services that don't allow certain fields to be updated and are only available on create.

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