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MAAS Requirements

asked 2015-08-04 20:05:09 -0600

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Installing Ubuntu OpenStack requires at least seven machines with two disks, two of which have two network interfaces (NICs). Install Ubuntu Server on one of the machines with two interfaces.

Why do I need two disks? What if I have 7 machines with 2TB capacity each but on a single disk? Would this setup not work i:e Why do we need 2 interfaces on two machines? I understand for one machine, one interface connects to the internet and the second to the local network. But why do we need 2 interfaces for the second machine?

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answered 2018-11-13 13:27:48 -0600

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First off, the documentation has changed, and I believe you only need 4 machines to deploy the openstack-base or openstack-telemetry bundles through Juju (not sure if you are or aren't using juju), however for full HA you do need more machines for service isolation.

To your explicit questions: 2 Drives per machine: Drive 1 is for local storage for the host, Drive 2 is for the Ceph cluster. One drive will not work, might be able to partition it in some way as a work around.

2 Interfaces on certain machines: Typically the 2 interfaced machines are used for nova or neutron services, where the system needs to make connections to the public internet for the rest of the cloud while the second interface is used to allow the instances to communicate.

Each setup seems to have it's own intricacies, however, I can say from experience that having standardized quality hardware helps a whole lot in the process.

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