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Devstack Neutron - Router GW IP Issues

asked 2015-08-04 07:20:05 -0500

olly gravatar image

updated 2015-08-04 07:48:44 -0500

SGPJ gravatar image

Hey All,

Trying to install Devstack in my environment with neutron on a single node. I'm having trouble when running with an error "Failure retrieving ROUTER_GW_IP". After browsing google for a while I have ran out of ideas....

I think the problem arises due to me having to change the fixed network to a new range, the default fixed range of range conflicts with my desired floating range and external environment. error:

2015-08-04 10:58:19.557 | ++ grep router_gateway 
2015-08-04 10:58:20.403 | + ROUTER_GW_IP= 
2015-08-04 10:58:20.403 | + die_if_not_set 1319 ROUTER_GW_IP 'Failure retrieving ROUTER_GW_IP' 
2015-08-04 10:58:20.403 | + local exitcode=0 
2015-08-04 10:58:20.405 | [Call Trace] 
2015-08-04 10:58:20.406 | ./
2015-08-04 10:58:20.406 | /devstack/lib/neutron-legacy:597:_neutron_configure_router_v4
2015-08-04 10:58:20.406 | /devstack/lib/neutron-legacy:1319:die_if_not_set
2015-08-04 10:58:20.406 | /devstack/functions-common:135:die
2015-08-04 10:58:20.408 | [ERROR] /devstack/functions-common:1319 Failure retrieving ROUTER_GW_IP
2015-08-04 10:58:21.411 | Error on exit

local.conf snippets:


disable_service n-net
enable_service q-svc
enable_service q-agt
enable_service q-dhcp
enable_service q-l3
enable_service q-meta

Thanks in advance :)

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answered 2015-08-04 10:19:22 -0500

mpetason gravatar image

Your floating range should use a network address, otherwise the gateway isn't within it unless it takes the network address. It looks like you are using this:


But should be using:


The same would be true for your Fixed range. Network addresses should include the first address in the range : 0 followed by the slash notation.

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