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What should be the external interface on network node "Automatic DHCP" or "Manual" ?

asked 2015-08-04 07:07:54 -0500

abhishek-talwar gravatar image


I am doing multinode kilo installation on virtualbox referring to this link "".

As per the network node configuration

The external interface uses a special configuration without an IP address assigned to it. Configure the third interface as the external interface:

Replace INTERFACE_NAME with the actual interface name. For example, eth2 or ens256.

Edit the /etc/network/interfaces file to contain the following:

The external network interface

auto INTERFACE_NAME iface INTERFACE_NAME inet manual up ip link set dev $IFACE up down ip link set dev $IFACE down

So what should i keep this interface as? I have currently setup it as Host-only and Automatic DHCP.

So is it right or do I need to do any changes

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answered 2015-08-04 07:53:45 -0500

Jens gravatar image

I dont know how it works with a virtualbox environment but in a bare metal environment you should have full control over the IPs from the ext-net (no dhcp) because all assigned floating IPs are from this network. So for example if you use dhcp then your network node might get the IP (in a network. This node is responsible for assigning the floating IPs to the instances (lets say in the range from How do you now prevent the dhcp-server from distributing one of those "reserved" IPs?

In short => no dhcp

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