How do I extend the nova host-describe command?

asked 2015-08-04 06:44:48 -0500

anonymous user


I would like to extend the nova command host-describe by adding more columns with data from the database, however I fail to see how the initial request from (by the method "do_host_describe") travels to the database. I have searched for related documentation and also used PDB to follow along in the code. PDB showed me how the requests is built layer for layer, but I am unable to figure out where it is sent, and who catches it (whom also eventually send the correct data back). I am grateful for any pointers since I am at a loss on how to continue on my own!

In short: How does the request from a "nova host-describe" command reach the database? Where would I need to modify the code to allow the displayed table to include more data/columns?

I am currently using the Icehouse release.

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