KVM VPS data on one server and IP on different server?

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Hello, please do i understand OpenStack concept properly?

I use three servers, each in different datacenter. Two of the servers will have only one IP (its own). Third server will have /27 subnet (multiple IPs)

I install OpenStack.

1) From OpenStack web panel i will be able to create KVM virtual private servers (VPS).

2) An VPS data can be located on server that have only one (its own) IP and mentioned VPS will be accessible from IP that is part of subnet assigned to a server that is in different datacenter?

3) If one server of the three die (except the one who has multiple IPs), the VPS will still be accessible and working? In another words, are data mirrored between servers (assuming there is no raid, each of my servers has only single HDD)

4) Openstack works with disk space that is hybrid, one server has 40gb SSD, one 4tb HDD..?

Thank You

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anyone please? :-I

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