Understanding what a MAAS environment can do.

asked 2015-07-30 21:21:17 -0600

ubchaudhry gravatar image

I have a cluster of 8 machines. One of the machine has 2 NICs with one connecting to the internet and the other connecting to a switch. The remaining 7 machines all have only 1 NIC each connected to the same switch. My questions are as follow:

1) If I install MAAS on the machine with 2 NICs, would it help me making the remaining 7 as a part of MAAS cluster? If yes, please advise how I should setup the IP addresses and all.

2) If by using the above method, I make all nodes a part of the same cluster, how would I be able to deploy an openstack cloud on the whole cluster? My minimum requirement is setting up an openstack cloud that allows the creation of any type of instance and uses all 8 nodes.

3) If the above 2 points are possible, how would I be able to define a particular node to be controller,compute,network,object storage, block storage node. I mean, once all nodes are a part if the same cluster, would I have to maually define a node to be any of the node mentioned above or will MAAS do this automatically?

4) Last, do I have to setup MAAS from the starting setup (similar to installing UBUNTU SERVER), or is it possible if I already have UBUNTU SERVER installed on a machine and I can install MAAS on it making it the controller node of the cluster.

I hope I am giving an idea about what I would like to do.

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