temporary-url and static-large-objects

asked 2015-07-30 13:54:45 -0500

I am trying to use temporary-urls to post static-large objects. I assume the workflow goes something like:

get temp_url_sig and temp_url_expires to POST segment buzz1 using form-post-middleware
post buzz1 with temp_url_sig and temp_url
capture etag, put in manifest

do the same for segments buzz2, buzz3, buzz4, buzz5 (I have done this, and it works)

get temp_url_sig and temp_url_expires to PUT manifest to buzz?multipart-manifest=put
PUT manifest json with temp_url_sig and temp_url_expires to buzz?multipart-manifest=put

I cannot do this. I get

static_large_object/buzz1, 401 Unauthorized
static_large_object/buzz2, 401 Unauthorized
static_large_object/buzz3, 401 Unauthorized
static_large_object/buzz4, 401 Unauthorized
static_large_object/buzz5, 401 Unauthorized

is there a better way to use temporary_urls to create static large objects?

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