Ajax update of table rows not working in Horizon

asked 2015-07-29 04:58:19 -0500

Sudheer Kalla gravatar image

Hi iam using Kilo openstack My problem is when i create a new instance through horizon the request is submitted and the list will be updated with this current instance , But the status of the instance is not getting updated (instance status is in spawwing all the time if donot refresh) and if i refresh the page my instance will be in active state , The problem here is ajax updation of the status row is not happening , Ajax update in not happening for image creation , volume creation and deletion

But when i comment the following lines in the function "def process_request(self, request):" in horizon/middleware.py

 if request.is_ajax():
        return None

Then autopolling is happening and the rows are automatically updated with out any refresh

Please help me ???

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