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How can i trace an error for software configuration and deployment in openstack heat template execution

asked 2015-07-28 10:02:56 -0500

SangeethKumar gravatar image

Hi all, I have executed a Heat template in with VM provisioning and software configuration and deployment. The templates that i get it from ( And i have executed template for software configuration group "script" . It works fine and completed successfully. Command used to execute template with software configuration and deployment :

           heat --debug --os-no-client-auth --os-username admin --os-password openstack --heat-url http://localhost:8004/v1/98073903698740af87fb57ca9e41eed5  --os-auth-url stack-create mystack -f example-templates/example-config-pristine-image.yaml -e boot-config/fedora_pip_env.yaml

It creates software configuration and deployment successfully Template file : (

Environment file : (

In this environment file they mapped "Heat::InstallConfigAgent": templates/install_config_agent_fedora_pip.yaml Please look at this ( file . This contains boot config agents and hooks configuration. For group script its working fine. Because in templates/install_config_agent_fedora_pip.yaml they mapped heat-config-script and hook script for "script" group.

Issue : But for executing software configuration for puppet group. I need to know what are the configurations need to be change in environment file. It results in CREATE FAILED due to time out.

For software configuration (group : puppet) , i made some changes before executing template as follows,

Execution command :

                heat --debug --os-no-client-auth --os-username admin --os-password openstack --heat-url http://localhost:8004/v1/98073903698740af87fb57ca9e41eed5  --os-auth-url stack-create nnnnn -f example-templates/example-puppet-template_bak.yaml -e boot-config/fedora_pip_env.yaml

In example-puppet-template_bak.yaml ( ( , I have added boot config resource and mapped to server shown here:

                       type: Heat::InstallConfigAgent**
                       type: OS::Nova::Server
                           image: {get_param: image}
                           flavor: {get_param: flavor}
                           key_name: {get_param: key_name}
                                  - network: {get_param: private_net}
                                  - {get_resource: the_sg}
                          **user_data_format: SOFTWARE_CONFIG
                          user_data: {get_attr: [boot_config, config]}**

And i made changes in (, Replaced the $hook_script at line 25 with

Error Message:

                                    stack_status          | CREATE_FAILED
                                    stack_status_reason   | Create timed out

Debugging Steps:

         -->  [root@nnnnn-server-cmrdykc5fib2 etc]# ll /var/run/heat-config
             total 8
             drwx------. 2 root root  120 Jul 28 12:22 deployed
             -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 4298 Jul 28 12:51 heat-config
             drwx------. 2 root root   40 Jul 28 09:45 heat-config-puppet

       --> [root@nnnnn-server-cmrdykc5fib2 etc]#  cat /etc/os-collect-config.conf
             command = os-refresh-config

             metadata_url =
             stack_name = nnnnn
             secret_access_key = b07c579cfbe34e1a89d0fee0c2240ca4
             access_key_id = 704daf1078324dde92cd168b06459594
             path = server.Metadata

      -->  [root@nnnnn-server-cmrdykc5fib2 os-collect-config]# cat heat_local.json
               "deployments": [], 
               "os-collect-config": {
               "cfn": {
                    "stack_name": "nnnnn", 
                    "metadata_url": "", 
                    "access_key_id": "704daf1078324dde92cd168b06459594", 
                    "secret_access_key": "b07c579cfbe34e1a89d0fee0c2240ca4", 
                    "path": "server.Metadata"

Shows some Warnings :

           --> [root@nnnnn-server-cmrdykc5fib2 heat-config-puppet]# os-collect-config --one-time
              2015-07-28 13:06:23.367 12772 WARNING os_collect_config.heat [-] No auth_url configured.
              2015-07-28 ...
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answered 2015-09-24 16:05:46 -0500

Steve Baker gravatar image

That warning can be ignored. Take a look at this answer for general debugging advice.

You need the puppet hook but the boot-config only installs the script hook. You need to extend the boot-config templates to install the hooks that you need (we can't just install all of them, but it would be good if we can work out a way of allowing users to choose which ones to install and support that in the boot-config environments)

You can look at the install script for the heat-config-puppet element to see what needs to be done to install the puppet hook (which is install the puppet package and the puppet hook script)

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Thank you Steve baker....

Could you please share how to apply software config in already launched Virtual machine. (Machine contains all agents for software config)

SangeethKumar gravatar imageSangeethKumar ( 2015-09-25 01:23:59 -0500 )edit

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