How to create blueprint specs

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I like to create a new blueprint spec, could someone point me to a BKM on how & where ? thank you

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answered 2015-07-24 23:23:07 -0600

updated 2015-07-27 12:21:22 -0600

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This wiki page has all the current details:

Some old spec may still be available in the wiki, but those are historical artifacts and probably not valid anymore. The blueprints wiki page has the most relevant instructions.

Also, please keep in mind that every project team may have a slightly different specs/blueprint process: check with them on IRC before venturing in a new (for you) territory.

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Thx Omar. I am aware of wiki but I see some blueprint specs end up in vs. Hence, the question. Thx.

getty8ng gravatar imagegetty8ng ( 2015-07-27 09:38:04 -0600 )edit

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