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Openstack kilo can't resize instance down

asked 2015-07-24 11:58:25 -0500

jgalvin gravatar image

updated 2015-07-27 01:45:06 -0500


I am running openstack kilo on Ubuntu and using ceph as the storage backend

I can resize an instance to a larger flavour say from small to medium but when resizing back from medium to small I get an error that the flavour is too small for the image

Can anyone help me with this ?



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answered 2015-07-27 06:39:47 -0500

RAHUL1603 gravatar image

Hi Concerned,

I suppose this should answer your question very well. (

basically you need to understand that if a disk is being used, then decreasing it can not be made possible. You can always go for increased size flavour, but if you are looking to decrease it, you should check the disk size being used if it is more that the smaller flavour which youre going to use. Then Openstack will not resize it.

Regards Rahul Singh

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answered 2016-08-31 08:06:21 -0500

soumitrakarmakar gravatar image

This can be achieved using cinder volumes and creating flavors without rootdisk size i.e rootdisk size should be 0 in the flavor, then you can upsize/downsize your VM CPU and RAM.

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