Setting up NFS shared storage giving error

asked 2015-07-23 06:21:44 -0500

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I have done a multinode kilo installation with a controller node, network node and 2 compute nodes. (qemu hypervisor) We are able to successfully boot VM's and migrate (STATIC MIGRATE) them from one host to another. We are trying for live migration of VM's following the link (

The multinode setup is done as follows:

Controller Node Network Node Compute Node Compute1 Node

While doing the setup for NFS, we are getting errors on certain steps.

1.To share /var/lib/nova/instances, add the following to /etc/exports:,fsid=0,insecure,no_subtree_check,async,no_root_squash)

Where is the network address of your compute nodes (usually called data network) for your OpenStack cluster.

When I am adding this line to /etc/exports and restart “service nfs-kernel-server restart” service it gives an error

Stopping NFS kernel daemon [ OK ] * Unexporting directories for NFS kernel daemon... [ OK ] * Exporting directories for NFS kernel daemon... exportfs: No options for,fsid=0,insecure,no_subtree_check,async,no_root_squash) : suggest (sync) to avoid warning exportfs: /etc/exports [2]: Neither 'subtree_check' or 'no_subtree_check' specified for export ":,fsid=0,insecure,no_subtree_check,async,no_root_squash)". Assuming default behaviour ('no_subtree_check'). NOTE: this default has changed since nfs-utils version 1.0.x exportfs: Failed to stat,fsid=0,insecure,no_subtree_check,async,no_root_squash): No such file or directory [ OK ] * Starting NFS kernel daemon [ OK ]

Also running “/etc/init.d/idmapd restart” results in no idmapd found.

So kindly, suggest where are we going wrong.

And what should be the steps to setup live migration in OpenStack (Shared)

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