swift stopped working after changing pki and enabling keystone ssl

asked 2015-07-23 03:50:41 -0600

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Hello, I was playing around swift with keystone v3 and pki. It was working fine. Swift stat was showing the correct output.

When I modified the setup little, keystone is running on ssl and pki keys are changed from previous configuration.

After change in configuration, I made required changes in proxy-server.conf but now i am getting following error with swift but the keystone is working file.

Authorization Failure. Authorization failed: Unable to establish connection to https://node:35357/v3/auth/tokens

Following error are seen in the logs in the logs of proxy server.

proxy-server: Using /tmp/keystone-signing-swift as cache directory for signing certificate
proxy-server: Authorization failed for token
proxy-server: Invalid user token - rejecting request

The authtoken section from proxy-server.conf

paste.filter_factory = keystonemiddleware.auth_token:filter_factory
admin_tenant_name = service
admin_user = swift
admin_password = password
signing_dir = /tmp/keystone-signing-swift
auth_host = node
auth_protocol = https
auth_port = 35357
insecure = false
cafile = /etc/keystone/ssl/certs/ssl_cacert.pem

I also tried deleting the /tmp/keystone-signing-swift and then restart proxy-service but no luck.

But one thing i noticed is after multiple restart /tmp/keystone-signing-swift is empty ? This is only when keystone is on ssl. With no ssl configuration there were 3 files ?

What i am missing here ?

Also i have few query about the swift to keystone connection ? 1. when swift contact the keystone ? 2. How to check if proxy-server is not able to contact keystone ? what happens if keystone is not reachable ? 3. When signing certificate are download by swift ? What is those are not downloaded ?

Thanks in advance.

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Juno or Kilo? It looks like Juno based on your [filter:authtoken]. kilo install guide has different options for [filter:authtoken] than are listed in kilo config-reference. Anyone want to commit to one of them??? Or admit to where the [filter:authtoken] ssl options are hiding?

Stephanie Fuller gravatar imageStephanie Fuller ( 2015-07-30 11:42:35 -0600 )edit

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answered 2015-07-28 08:24:59 -0600

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It was not working because of following two reasons

  1. auth_host in proxy-server.conf was not matching with the CN of ssl certificate
  2. Swift user did not had permission to read /etc/keystone/ssl/certs/ssl_cacert.pem.

I was not able to locate the issue because of limited logging. I am able to figure out the issue only when i added the manual logging into keystonemiddleware and keystoneclient.

Now swift is working with keystone(ssl) after fixing both the problems. :)

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answered 2015-07-23 05:25:34 -0600

foexle gravatar image


  • Check if you can connect to Keystone from your Swift Proxy
  • Check if the Keystone service is running correctly
  • Check if your Keystone endpoint is correct (https)

Cheers Heiko

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Thanks for reply, Keystone and proxy are running on same server. Keystone service is running and endpoint are configured correctly

  | public    | https://node:5000/v3   
  | internal  | https://node:35357/v3 
  | admin     | https://node:35357/v3

Swift's endpoint are http only.

deeghuge gravatar imagedeeghuge ( 2015-07-23 06:44:04 -0600 )edit

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