Compute-node communicate/ping vms run on it

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Hi all.

In Ceilometer, when pollsters collect meter from VMs, it used hypervisor on compute-node. Now, I want to write new plugin for ceilometer and not use hypervisor to collect meter, I want to collect meter by a service that is installed on VMs (mean ceilometer get data from service), so I need compute-node must communicate with VMs by IP (private IP). Is there any solution to do this?

Thanks all.

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answered 2015-07-20 14:06:00 -0600

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Hi, Compute-node to VM communication over IP may not be a safe/secure approach - as normally they are segmented by network. Using hypervisor->VM communication, e.g. using guestfish on libvirt, is a standard technique. If you are allowed to put an agent/client on VM, why not sending the meter to a common IP reachable service-endpoint, instead of the compute-node for aggregation?

HTH, suro

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