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Hi again, Sorry for bother you, but right now after I was configured, tested and verified my openstack installation. Right now I would try to test how work the use of diferents regions on openstack. For that I configured a new Openstack installation using the script of devstack. So my testbed have 1 controller node and 1 compute node running on ip1 and 1 VM running devstack on ip2, both of them with the correctly endpoints configured. All of them stay in the regionOne that is configured by default. How I can change the RegionOne to another region, i know exists a file but I haven't found. After read the documentation about it, I understand that regions shared the same keystone but i don't know how Can I do the different region shared the same keystone. I suppose that I need said a keystone of installation of ip 1 to know the services present on installation of ip2 but I don't know how do this. Someone that was worked on similar enviroment or have usefull information about it, that can help me? I will be gratefully. Best regards, Rafael

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