cinder driver minimum feature list for kilo/liberty?

asked 2015-07-15 02:02:55 -0500

Andrei Ramaniuk gravatar image

Hello, I'm going to start with implementation of the cinder driver for my data storage system producer. To define the scope of the work required for releasing first version of the driver I'm looking to the set of the minimum features it should support. According to the information I found on cinder driver developer pages (


  • Volume Create/Delete
  • Volume Attach/Detach
  • Snapshot Create/Delete
  • Create Volume from Snapshot
  • Get Volume Stats
  • Copy Image to Volume
  • Copy Volume to Image
  • Clone Volume


  • All of the above plus
  • Extend Volume

some requirements are already defined, but the version of the OpenStack is not latest (Havana and Icehouse). Were there any changes to the listed requirements in the recent versions of OpenStack? Can I stick to the ones listed for Havana/Icehouse? thanks

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